Maryann Barone-Chapman, Ph.D AJA, UKCP Accr., IAAP, Dip Psych Jungian Analyst and Psychotherapist

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Conference Papers, Publications and Research

2005 "Gender Identity and A Fertile LIfe" in Journal of Fertility Counseling British Infertility Counseling Association 12:3.

2007 "The Hunger to Fill an Empty Space: Primordial affects and meaning-making in the drive to conceive through repeated use of ART" in The Journal of Analytical Psychology 52:4.

2007 "Dream Lover the Search for the Other: - conference paper, Sonoma State University, International Association for the Study of Dreams.

2008 "Ploughing the Dream Field and its fertile cultural implications" - conference paper, ETH Zurich,Contemporary Symbols of Personal, Cultural and National Identity, International Association of Jungian Studies and International Association of Analytical Psychologists.

2008 "The Dialogical Nature of Dreams and the Unfolding of a Complex" - conference paper, Cambridge University, Fifth International Conference on the Dialogical Self.

2011 "Pregnant Pause: Procreative Desire, Reproductive Technology and Narrative Shifts at Midife"
- chapter in Body, Mind and Healing After Jung edited by Dr. Raya Jones, Cardiff University. London: Routledge.

2011 "Disenchantment with The Union of Opposites" - a conference paper to the first regional conference of The International Association of Jungian Studies, School of African & Asian Studies, University of London.

2012 Teaching at the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP) in Zurich on the Word Association Experiment and Jung's Complex Theory as an epistemology in Psychosocial research.

2013a 'Dreaming the Dream On' in C.Shumate and M. Hunziker (Eds.) Personality Type In Depth, published online: Type In Depth.

2013b BOOK REVIEW: Maithree Wickramasinghe, Feminist Research Methodology: Making Meanings of Meaning-Making. Feminism & Psychology 2013 23: 274.

2014a 'Gender Legacies of Jung and Freud as Epistemology in Emergent Feminist Research on Late Motherhood', edited by Lucy Huskinson, published Behavioural Sciences issue 4 (1) in book form and online Behavioural Science.

2014b 'Sulphur Rises Through The Blackened Body' in Alchemy and Psychotherapy, edited by Dr. Dale Mathers, published by Routledge.

2014c 'The Most Potent Ingredient In The Alchemical Vas' - conference paper on Alchemy & Psychotherapy at The London School of Economics, London.

2014d 'Trickster, Trauma & Transformation The Vicissitudes of Late Motherhood' - conference paper to the International Association of Jungian Studies on Rebirth & Renewal, at Arizona State University, Mercado Campus.

2016 'Trickster, Trauma & Transformation The Vicissitudes of Late Motherhood' in the new book, Jungian perspectives on rebirth and renewal Phoenix Rising, edited by Dr. Liz Brodersen and Dr. Michael Glock, Routledge.

2016 BOOK REVIEW: The Quotable Jung, Collected and Edited by Judith Harris, with the collaboration of Tony Woolfson. Princeton: Princeton University University Press, 2015, in Quadrant: The Journal of the C.G. Jung Foundation Fall 2016.

2017 Ph.D, Cardiff University School of Social Science, Clinical and Social Research Cardiff University Research

2017 IAJS Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, The Spectre of The Other. Paper presentation, "The Turn To Otherhood".

2020 Forthcoming book on psychosocial and Jungian currents in women's development, coming later this year through Routledge.

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